Its not over till the fat lady sings…

    October 31, 2011 by LemonLife

    It just dawned on me that my first year is almost over…. well unless i decide to fail all my subjects ,but even then it wouldn’t really be first year if I’m repeating.

    But I must say the I cannot believe that my whole year in varsity will be concluded in 3 papers made up of 11 pages and couple of […]

    That awkward moment.. SU version

    October 2, 2011 by TinkerBell*

    So… everyone’s being hash taging “That awkard moment”..

    So I thought I’d attempt to put a smile on your face…most of us are stressingdue to test and upcoming final( Some flies..when your having fun)..

    Here goes..

    That awkward moment- Stellenbosch University version

    When the guy/girl your  crushing on gives you the …”Thanx bud”.. pat on the back..

    When you telling a really cool story abiut your weekend […]

    I Wish I Were a Rubber Ball

    August 30, 2011 by Liquid Fire

    Bouncing back from a 3 week absence from university straight into test time is not easy, actually I doubt it is possible… and even if by the luck of some 4 leafed clover strapped to a rabbits food riding on the back of a leprechaun wearing a horse shoe sliding down a rainbow you manage to do it, it’s really […]

    maties teen ontruiming

    August 28, 2011 by Ms OhDarling

    I’m lucky.

    With all this “hoo-haa” surrounding the evacuation of students in res during the September holidays, I’m lucky I’m a private student.

    I’m sure you’ve seen – or joined yourself – the Maties teen ontruiming fanpage on Facebook. It started a week ago, with 1256 likes and a slogan of “Ontruiming is snert”. It’s basically to say that students in res don’t want to […]

    I’m back…

    July 17, 2011 by Juju

    … And I’m BAD. 😉

    Love that saying, don’t really know where it’s from, but I use it A LOT.

    Anyway, I’m back in Stellenbosch and VERY excited about that. I don’t really live far, but the R100 petrol it costs to get here and back didn’t really make the trek worthwhile – so I didn’t do it.

    But I’m glad to be […]

    Mid-year Madness

    July 14, 2011 by TinkerBell* all of you that have managed to get through your first semester of the infamous “First Year of Varsity’, CONGRATS!!

    And yes..nowadays it is an achievement..according some random studies..more that 50% of students that enroll in University, drop out..somewhere along the line..(mostly during First year)..

    Reasons:(MY OWN..not some random studie’s)

    Uhm..some of them followed someone else’s dream and […]

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