The First Year is the Toughest

    November 18, 2011 by Liquid Fire

    Well, today’s just been the bestest day in the history of the universe. Ever.

    I found out today that I have failed my first year *gasp*

    I know, it’s absolutely not the end of the world. Yeah I’m disappointed and it really really sucks major donkey balls but there is so much worse that could have happened and after the year I’ve […]

    FriENEMIES> and girls

    September 27, 2011 by LemonLife

    I am a girl or to be more exact based on my biological clock and maturity¬†I shall use the term¬†“woman_child” like the Britney Spears song in Cross roads >Im not a girl ,not yet a woman all¬†I need is time a lalalallalala¬† ¬†sad …¬†I actually like the song, I too was once a devoted fan.

    ok let me get¬†back to my […]

    The Logic is Flawed

    August 30, 2011 by Liquid Fire

    This Plak is in a large part a vent and profane language is used. The sources used are confidential and no names will be revealed; even under inhumane acts of torture.

    These last few weeks have been quite hard on me for a multitude of reasons but two of the main ones are:

    not making HK and
    not making Mentor

    For those of you […]

    maties teen ontruiming

    August 28, 2011 by Ms OhDarling

    I’m lucky.

    With all this “hoo-haa” surrounding the evacuation of students in res during the September holidays, I’m lucky I’m a private student.

    I’m sure you’ve seen¬†– or¬†joined yourself – the Maties teen ontruiming fanpage on Facebook.¬†It started a week ago, with 1256 likes and a slogan of “Ontruiming is snert”. It’s basically to say that students in res don’t want to […]

    ROOM TO BREATHE!!!!!!!!!

    August 16, 2011 by Onyx

    Okay now I’m not sure how many of you have/had this problem before, but really? Enough is enough!! I can’t stand my roommate!!!!! I can’t stand her now and I sure as hell haven’t (or won’t) for that matter!

    Now don’t me wrong, it’s not as though there’s something wrong with her, for all I know it’s probably just me, but […]

    TheFreeRadical is now a Serruria lady

    August 11, 2011 by TheFreeRadical

    I did it – I moved into res after a long six months of pain, suffering and excessive yogurt consumption.

    Yogurt kinda became a staple food in my life while living privately: it doesn’t need to be cooked and doesn’t dirty any plates, pots or pans (only a mere teaspoon) and its kind of healthy, right? ¬†Ummmm… Something had to be […]

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