To Be or To Be ME

    November 21, 2011 by Liquid Fire

    The events of the last few days have caused me to think about where my life should be going… or rather where I would like it to go, things I would like to do or be someday. I made a bucket list of sorts, it’s sort of personal but for the sake of writers integrity or something here goes.

    Things I […]

    Goodbye Darlings, Hello Misery.

    November 2, 2011 by TheFreeRadical

    Two of my very good friends are pissing off to Rhodes, and leaving me all by myself to make new friends all on my lonesome.

    I’M SO ANGRY WITH THEM!!! But then again, not. They have futures to pursue, and simply can’t do that here. But I’m going to miss them so much. All the good times we’ve had, all the […]


    July 2, 2011 by TinkerBell*

    Blogging from Paris, France…sooo amped that  I can blog more than 8656 km away from home..

    Hope everyone’s vac has been suuuuuper 🙂

    I havent blogged in a while ,but I thought a trip to Paris was worth blogging about ,right?(C’mon, someone back me up here?)

    What more could a girl ask for..? French men..French Cuisine and..(wait for it..wait for it…).FASHIIIIOOOON… 🙂

    For the […]

    Why, hello Joburg…

    June 27, 2011 by TheFreeRadical

    Home at last.

    How have the holidays been treating everyone?

    I just have the overriding feeling of disgust at how idle I’m being. I stayed in my PJs all day, flannel PJs no less. They’re cutesy, okay? They’re covered in flying sheep. (If my boyfriend had to see me now). I ended up watching hours of documentaries about how over prescribed American kids […]

    My Life is Average

    May 7, 2011 by indecisive

    I hate my life.

    At the moment.

    So far, all my second term test marks are between 50-59%. And it bothers me.

    I am not content with being average in this place. I honestly believe that there is no unique in Stellenbosch. How can you be exceptional when you’re surrounded by so many others who are pretty much almost exactly like you?

    I come from […]

    Easter Weekend Blues :(

    April 21, 2011 by TheFreeRadical

    All my friends are going to their parents for the Easter weekend, and I am SO FLIPPEN JEALOUS.

    Sigh. What I would give to hang with my mom, step dad and brother this weekend. To hear their corny banter and even cornier puns. To wrestle my mommy into buying me easter eggs even though it’s against her policy and sensibilities. Instead, […]

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