That awkward moment.. SU version

    October 2, 2011 by TinkerBell*

    So… everyone’s being hash taging “That awkard moment”..

    So I thought I’d attempt to put a smile on your face…most of us are stressingdue to test and upcoming final( Some flies..when your having fun)..

    Here goes..

    That awkward moment- Stellenbosch University version

    When the guy/girl your  crushing on gives you the …”Thanx bud”.. pat on the back..

    When you telling a really cool story abiut your weekend […]

    Safety First..(or Second)

    August 11, 2011 by TinkerBell*

    In the last week   girl was stabbed outside the Neelsie and well, if  I recall correctly in two consecutive days have people broken into two cars outside my friends flat.

    This is VERY alarming, Stellenbosch is a predominantly student town…shouldn’t more drastic measures me made in order to ensure our security on campus?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not holding anyone accountable for […]


    July 31, 2011 by TinkerBell*

    So…according to my guy best friend.. the best place to find a decent girl is…no not at Bohemia on a wednesday night..aaaannd no not in the Engineering building(because she’s smart and might  be wealthy in a few years) in fact in the BIB!!!

    Yes my friends, belive it or not!

    And to be quite frank…I kind of agree


    Because well..if you are attracted […]

    Mid-year Madness

    July 14, 2011 by TinkerBell* all of you that have managed to get through your first semester of the infamous “First Year of Varsity’, CONGRATS!!

    And yes..nowadays it is an achievement..according some random studies..more that 50% of students that enroll in University, drop out..somewhere along the line..(mostly during First year)..

    Reasons:(MY OWN..not some random studie’s)

    Uhm..some of them followed someone else’s dream and […]


    July 2, 2011 by TinkerBell*

    Blogging from Paris, France…sooo amped that  I can blog more than 8656 km away from home..

    Hope everyone’s vac has been suuuuuper 🙂

    I havent blogged in a while ,but I thought a trip to Paris was worth blogging about ,right?(C’mon, someone back me up here?)

    What more could a girl ask for..? French men..French Cuisine and..(wait for it..wait for it…).FASHIIIIOOOON… 🙂

    For the […]

    Nasty nostalgia?

    April 29, 2011 by TinkerBell*

    Okay sooo.the end of our first semester at varsity is in sight..?And its true..before you know it we will all be “capped” and out of here..

    Same went for high school right? it was the first day of grade 8 orientation then.. our valedictory..?

    And yes.. I miss it..(call me crazeee?)..
    I miss break times with my bffs.. I miss secrectly crushing the guy […]

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