Sorry, but I don’t know you

    July 10, 2011 by SEISMOS

    “The measure we go to to be attractive are bizarre” said the old, wrinkled lady about to undergo plastic surgeon (as seen on Zone Reality). Because a doctor told me recently that i have a deviated septum (i don’t know what it is but that’s Hollywood’s top excuse for a nose job) – i always joke that i’m gonna have […]

    But Why???? :? (I guess i just don’t get it)

    July 6, 2011 by SEISMOS

    So as soon as I got home I got the flu. I do not know if it is the sudden change of atmosphere or jst horrible luck. But I decided to let my immune system handle this one and did not take any medication. For 3 WEEKS I had that stupid flu!! Finally decided 2 go to the pharmacy and […]

    Complete idiot’s guide to surviving @ Maties

    March 17, 2011 by SEISMOS

    If you are reading this it means that you confirm your status as an idiot. Not just any type of idiot, but a┬áCOMPLETE idiot. In fact, anyone who is @ this wonderful varsity is┬áone, so go ahead and call the┬áperson next to you an idiot. Unless he is bigger than you, then please don’t be a STUPID idiot. There is […]

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