No more Soen-ing In Die Laan

April 20, 2011 by Juju

As the saying goes, you need to do 3 things to be a true Matie: 1) ’n Akker moet op jou kop val  – Get hit on the head by an acorn (Presumably by chance) 2) Jy moet ’n vak sleep – You need to fail, and repeat, a subject (Pretty much an inevitability for most people) AND 3) Jy moet iemand in Die Laan soen – You need to kiss someone in Die Laan. (Just thought I’d include the Afrikaans, for integrity’s sake. Sorry if my translations a bit off.) Does anyone else find these beautiful? Because I think I’m about to cry 🙂

The SRC of 2008 did a wonderful thing – they took that third thing, and made it into an event. A day when thousands of Maties could gather together, show their love, and tick number 3 off the list. They will always be remembered for making a beautiful, inspiring event out of an ancient Matie tradition.

What will our SRC, the SRC of 2011 be remembered for? What wonderful thing will they “Dare To” do this year? Stomping on this  beautiful, inspiring event, and trying to put a stop to it. I say trying, because I doubt they’ll actually manage to stop it – many rogue factions will be at work here. But anyway, let’s not talk about that. Let’s look at their reason for cancelling it.

The official guff is that it “doesn’t serve in positive outcome”… which is complete hogwash. How can it be anything but positive? It’s a mass expression of love. I don’t mean to sound all “Hippy-Tree-Hugger” here – but what’s more positive than love? And expressed on such a massive scale. It’s an astonishing, and incredibly positive, thing.

I’m beginning to suspect something more sinister to be behind this mysterious decision to cancel what has been a very successful event for the last 3 years – Homophobia. Last year was the Lesbigay Society’s first time participating in the event, and a photo of two guys kissing made it to the front page of Die Matie. It ruffled a LOT of conservative feathers, and made copies of Die Matie fly off the shelves like never before. You gotta love controversy. 😀

So, surely, it looks a bit fishy when, the year after the big “Gay Matie Kiss”, the SRC decides to dump the event. I don’t know if they’re afraid of “the scandal” caused by the picture to happen again, or if they’re just willing to stop a large group from kissing in public, just to stop a small minority from doing something they disapprove of. But it does NOT look good. We’re living in a world where homophobia – like racism – is fast being recognized as the evil and ignorant bigotry that it is. So, I’d like to ask the SRC of 2011 – is THAT how you want to be remembered?

  1. Wow, I will pass that question when I pop into the office…

    Comment by Weirdchikita — April 20, 2011 @ 19:30

  2. Why do you think rebellion was created?

    Screw the SRC! 😯 I’m not being represented by them one bit in this decision! 👿 I’ll definitely be part of one of those rogue factions! :mrgreen:

    Comment by Liquid Fire — April 20, 2011 @ 21:35

  3. I’d love to see how they stop me from doing whatever I want, wherever I damn well please.
    Kiss away I say!

    Comment by Sarse — April 22, 2011 @ 18:52

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