Posted (15232964) in Uncategorized on August-25-2008

Posted (15232964) in Uncategorized on August-25-2008

I am a Masters student in Industrial Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch. I am currently in the process of completing my thesis in which I have chosen to conduct research on employee attitudes towards diverse co-workers within South African organisations.

 In order to obtain data, I have wiggle my way into as many companies as possible and get individuals to complete my questionnaire. I hope that the sensitive nature of this study will not scare you off because the value that can be obtained from these results is tremdously important given our history of discrimination.

The questionnaire is comprised of 4 sections:

  • Section A: A biographical section
  • Section B: Questions pertaining to employee’s atitudes towards diversity
  • Section C: Questions pertaining to how one deals with the emotional aspects of work
  • Section D: Question pertaining to how one articulates diversity in general.


All responses to the questionnaire will be kept anonymous. Data will be securely handled and will not be made available to any person not directly involved in the research study. 


Upon completion of the study, a presentation will be presented to the participating organisation, detailing the research findings. Data will be published in the form of a research report. On event of publication, the data released will not contain any names of the participants involved or the organisations concerned. All feedback and results of the study will only be made available in aggregate format (i.e., means, percentages, correlation coefficients etc.), thus ensuring anonymity is maintained.

I ask you kindly to please take the time to complete this questionnaire, your help will be so gratefully appreciated.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me. My telephone number is 0836516028 or alternatively send me an e-mail at

Kind regards,

Jenna Kamps